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Item Cremation Ceremony Cost Traditional Funeral Cost
Basic Service of Funeral Director & Staff $2,195 $2,595
Transfer of Deceased to Funeral Home $290 $290
Embalming Optional $600
Other Preparation of the Deceased $190 $190
Use of Facilities & Staff for Ceremony $500 $500
Casket $995
Burial Vault $900
Rental Casket $795
Hearse $290
Procession Car/Flower Car $190
Urn $195
Urn Vault $395
Total for Funeral Home $4,560 $6,550
Other Expenses
Grave Digging and Filling $300 $650
Obituary in Local Newspaper $100 $100
Honorarium Paid to Minister/Priest $100 $100
Florist:Casket Spray $150 $150
Grand Total : Suggested Insurance Amount $5,210


Estimates based upon a review of publicly available price lists from funeral homes in the U.S.


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When a loved one passes away, it can be difficult to pen the perfect homage to his/her life. Funeral homes and newspapers mean well, but typically try to force the facts of every life into a singular template.

Be the writer who is far too familiar with writing under this type of duress for your loved one’s obituary that are customized, original, personal, and meaningful.

Be the poet who understands how to extract personal details from you, your friends and families to include in a polished presentation either for publication or public reading.
Let us help you honor your loved one properly during this difficult time. Upon purchase, we send you a simple questionnaire. Upon receipt, we will provide a first draft within 24 hours (less if received during business hours). We will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with the result.

At Funeral.com, we hope our professional services can, in some way, ease your mind and allow you to celebrate a life well lived.

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